Self hosting

LLMonitor was designed to be surprinsingly simple to self-host.

Comparison with LLMonitor Cloud

Here is a comparison between self-hosting and our cloud offering:

🛠️ Self-hosting☁️ Cloud
💰 CostDepends on your infrastructureFixed monthly fee
🔧 MaintenanceYou manage updates and backupsWe manage everything for you
🔒 Data SecurityYou are responsible of the security of your dataWe follow best practices to secure your data
📈 ScalabilityDepends on your setupAutomatically scales with your needs




Setup a new Supabase project

Open Supabase Cloud to set up a new project or self-host it yourself (recommended).


Clone the repo

Clone the repo and deploy it to Vercel (or any other hosting service that you choose).


Set env variables

Look at .env.example to see what environment variables you need to set on Vercel.


Open the Supabase Admin dashboard


  • Go to Database > Webhooks and click on "Enable webhooks"
  • Copy the content of setup-dump.sql in the SQL editor. Replace <your_vercel_project_url> by the actual URL at the end of the script and run it.
  • Go to Authentication > Url Configuration and replace http://localhost:3000 by your Vercel project url.
  • Disable email signup confirmation (if you're self-hosting, that's the ENABLE_EMAIL_AUTOCONFIRM=true Supabase env variable)

🎉 Done!

You're all set! Open the deployed URL and visit /signup to create an account and get a tracking ID.

Questions? We're here to help.